Edwin Klesman

I'm working as Team Lead at Detacom, and started my own company focused on web en mobile app advice and #valuefirst development EEKAY ONLINE.

I've built 📲 Washem - The free mobile app that teaches kids (and adults) how to wash their hands conform WHO instructions.

I Love building products that provide value. I'm working on a a website focusing on shipping your own products fast called Shipharder.com. I have a tonne of other ideas waiting to get hold of my time.

I write - mostly about technical stuff - on my blog EEKAY ONLINE. I also started with Vlogging on various topics since late 2017. I'm a guest writer at simpleprogrammer.com and I write at Medium from time to time.

I'm into creating digital products, making MVP's, early validation, startups, entrepreneurship, SaaS, cross-platform mobile solutions, Xamarin, C#, Azure, JS.

My 🧠 is thinking about creating solutions that provide value.

My ❤️ is with my family, friends, tech, good movies, traveling & food

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